The Foundation of Romance: Faithfulness

If you’ve ever watched a romantic comedy or spent time with a good character driven film, you’ll likely notice some commonalities regarding how relationships are portrayed. The driving drama in a massive amount of romantic films seems to revolve around¬†fidelity. Well it revolves around the lack of fidelity or infidelity as it were. Over the years, entertainment vehicles have turned romantic relationships into revolving doors that seemingly give the thumbs up to infidelity, subtly encouraging people to cheat within their relationships. However, despite what pop culture would tell you, staying true to your significant other is one of the most important tenets of a relationship.

The Role of Faithfulness in Romance

Whether you have been married for a decade or you are starting to get serious about the person you met on Tinder, an important foundation from which to build upon is the faithfulness that you have for one another. While modernity can argue for all of the benefits of an open relationship, there will never be a true and honest argument for infidelity. With all of that being said, why is it so important for us to stay faithful to one another? Isn’t the crux of the human experience all about reaching out and connecting with as many people as possible? If so, companies like Cheaterbuster wouldn’t be in business in order to help people discover infidelity. The truth is, cheating is one of the worst things you can do to someone. Let’s highlight why staying true to one another is important so that we can understand how damaging the inverse actually is.

Loyalty Begets Wellness

When you are loyal to someone, and they know it, you both share a common bedrock of trust and wellness. When you are faithful in your relationship and true to the one that you love, you both will have the pleasure of knowing that you can be completely open and honest with one another. With no barriers between you, the relationship can grow and prosper in a healthy way.

Faithfulness Takes Work

Work doesn’t SOUND like a benefit, but it is. When you work towards something together, you both put sweat equity into whatever it is that you are building. That shared bond goes a long way toward drawing you to one another in order to stay secure and confident in what you share. What could be better than that?

Infidelity Feels Awful

Finally, it should be made abundantly clear that infidelity can have dramatically adverse effects on your health, both physical and mental. Not only does cheating, even as small as signing up for Tinder, hurt you, it hurts the people that you purportedly care about. Infidelity can ruin relationships, tank trust, and eliminate the possibility of reconciliation between two individuals.

Fidelity is the foundation of any quality relationship. Above all else, it is important to have trust in the one that you love. If you don’t trust your loved one, or are worried that they are¬†cheating, it might be time to find out the truth.

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