What Are Some Other Reasons That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is often referred to a disorder that is related with the physical ailments more than the psychological factors. Erectile dysfunction is that state where a man is not been able to get penis erection and maintain it for a significant time duration i.e. entire intercourse duration. So even if a person gets the erection but is not able to maintain it for a long period of time then it clearly indicates that a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Mostly the disorder is result of some underlying medical condition like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, blood pressure issue, prostate surgery, radiation therapy of the testicles, multiple sclerosis, hardening of arteries that carry blood to penis etc. but there are many other factors which can result in the development of erectile dysfunction.

So people who think erectile dysfunction only affects those who has some underlying medical condition then it is absolutely not correct. There are various other factors like the bad lifestyle a person follows which include consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs and smoking. Bad lifestyle is one factor that is a prime reason behind the increasing number of population suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Other than the medical conditions and the bad lifestyle factors the most prominent factors are related with the psychological aspects.

So let’s look at some of the psychological factors which leads to erectile dysfunction:

  1. It is often seen that people who have performance anxiety are the one who can suffer from erectile dysfunction at a later stage. The performance anxiety can be a result of bad sexual experience in the past or the anxiety of performance in bed overpowers the physical capability of the person.
  2. Stress is one obvious reason for so many disorders. Overstress both due to hectic work schedule or troubles in the family can lead to stress and stress can lead to erectile dysfunction because stress hormone suppresses the sexual desire of a person.
  3. Sometimes a man has troubled relationship with his sex partner. The effect of troubled relationship curbs the sexual desire and often leads to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Depression is not good at all in any circumstance and with regard to erectile dysfunction it is deteriorating for the manhood. Depression is often said as the state of mind where people loses the will to do anything and often feel deprived or lonely.
  5. The feeling of being overcautious every time especially during sexual encounter hampers the sex life of a person. This habit of being overcautious is one of the reasons behind erectile dysfunction.

These psychological factors are the reason behind the increasing number of people suffering from erectile dysfunction. Though people take help of medicines like generic Cialis or Viagra to curb the symptoms but it is not permanent solution. Cialis generic or Viagra is good till the time a man continues to consume it. Beside medicines there are therapies or vacuum devices also used by people to overcome erectile dysfunction. But surgical treatment like the penile implants and vascular surgery are the best treatment for ED but they are only prescribed in rare cases by the doctor.

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