Three Tips for Providing a Thriving Young Adult Ministry

The young adult demographic, people ages 18 to 34, have the most people who have either never been to church or stopped going to church. For a church to grow, they need to encourage and invite these young adults into their congregation. For a church to successfully attract young adults, they need to meet this demographic’s unique needs. What does this demographic, desire, need in a church?

Integrate Technology into Your Worship.

Young adults spend a lot of time online. They are active on social media, watch, and listen to things online, and read and search for information on the internet. For this reason, a church that has an active online presence is more likely to attract young adults. 39% of churches with a thriving young adult program are active on the web and social media.

The most used social media is Facebook. A church can start a Facebook group where its members can post encouragement, share and organize events and share a prayer request. It is also good for a church to have their own website. A website can announce events, share a prayer list, house interesting articles, and be a place where the church stores past sermons.

Another good idea is to create a podcast for young adults. These podcasts would help encourage members throughout the week. It will also be available to young adults that do not go to church. This way they will get to listen to the messages of the church. A good podcast will be shared around a member’s circle of friends, encouraging others to listen and attend church.

Do Community Service Programs

Young adults want to serve their neighbors locally and globally. Churches that attract young adults are known for caring for the hurt, marginalized, an outcast. These adults are not just content with reading about good works but want to take action. 35% of churches with a thriving young adult demographic have some sort of community program in place.

Community service could be as easy as having a food bank or fixing a meal for the homeless. You could also have a coat or a clothing drive. You could send cards to the sick, and those serving overseas. Another community service idea is to have a visitation program for the sick and the elderly.
It is also a good idea to reach out to local communities and see just what needs that they have, then work out a plan to fulfill these needs.

Hire a Young Adult Leader

Two-thirds of churches that have a thriving young adult community have hired someone to head their efforts. Having a young adult as their leader can give them someone to connect with, and someone who will be more in tune with what they need. 53 percent of churches with a thriving young adult community has a fellowship group. This group works better if young adults are the one running the group. Young adults are often not satisfied with just passively interacting they want to take action.

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