Six Great Ideas for Wall Shelving

If you do not have space for cupboards or free-standing storage units, it can be difficult to find a home for all your belongings. One way to improve storage capacity without losing floor space is to install additional shelving. With a range of potential designs, there are stylish, practical shelves to fit every modern room.

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Mounted shelving is one of the best ways to make up for a lack of floor space. Not only does it keep the floor clear, it creates a floating, ethereal look that adds to the spacious feel. If you want something quirky as well as practical, this may be the way to go.

Geometric Shapes
You could start with the more traditional cube, which can be a colourful and contemporary design. Then expand to include all the shapes, from triangles to hexagons. By minimising the number of items actually stored on the shelves, you can create a simple, modern but interesting look.

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Add some visual interest by creating a “leaning” effect with angled shelves. Whether symmetrical or slightly lopsided in width and depth, they can still be used for storing all kinds of item. You could even use an actual ladder, ideal for draping anything from decorative hangings to towels.

Industrial designs for furniture have become more popular in recent years. The use of exposed metal such as copper or cast iron now looks trendy rather than unfinished. Copper creates a warmer tone whilst iron is grittier. is one potential source of industrial-style shelving if you are looking for residential shelving Ireland.

Another modern look is the use of wire shelving. This is no longer confined to the garage or the bathroom. Instead, wire shelves and baskets can hold everything from books to plants safely above the ground. It is just one type of shelf that comes highly recommended.

What old items do you have in your attic or garage that you never use but have no plans to throw away? With a bit of craftiness, even musical instruments can be turned into potential shelves.

Of course, if none of these takes your fancy, you can always design your own shelves. Choose the colours, shapes and materials you like best and fit them together like a jigsaw. That way you can guarantee your room will be unique.

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