How to dress for the triangle shape

Whatever your personal style, an important part of looking good and feeling comfortable is dressing to suit your body shape. Whilst everybody is different, there are some broad categories most shapes fit into and here we look at some strategies for triangle body shapes.

Triangle body shape

A triangle shaped body, such as those shown in this article in The Metro, is not a negative thing. It doesn’t mean the body in question is overweight or unhealthy, it simply means the midsection is more pronounced. Identifying this trait is helpful because you can dress to suit your proportions. It can be more of a challenge than some of the other shapes, as many clothes are designed for the opposite of the triangle body.

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To balance your silhouette you should be aiming to add structure at the top helping narrow shoulders appear wider in comparison to the wider waist. For example, try and avoid turtlenecks, narrow necklines or polo shirts that could appear to restrict or pinch the neck area. In addition, the aim is to minimise the midsection, so avoid vast shirts with lots of material that could swell out and look baggy.


Dark colours, such as black, charcoal and navy are continually popular and with good reason. Dressing in these shades is instantly slimming, evening out the silhouette. Look for dark monochromatic colours or if you prefer a print look for thin, vertical stripes, which automatically slim. There is a large range of suitable Farah shirts available, such as those found at

For the bottom half, it may be tempting to try a slim leg trouser but doing so will make the midsection appear wider undoing the good work done in the rest of your outfit. Instead look out for straight leg trousers and balance the look achieved in the top half instead of fighting it.

When looking at suits it is recommended to avoid double-breasted jackets, which bring extra material and bulk to the waist. Instead seek out a single-breasted suit with two buttons, which streamlines any body shape and is one of the most enduring and simple styles out there.

If you are a triangle shape then keep some of these tips in mind next time you’re shopping for a more balanced, streamlined look.

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