Things to Know About Kentucky Bourbon Old Fashioned

We can all agree that bourbon is a perfect addition to your daily enjoyment, especially if you enjoy mixing a cocktail, use water or ice, and drink it neatly.

You should know that bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskeys are Bourbon, which is an important consideration.

After a 1964 Act of Congress stated that Bourbon is America’s Native Spirit, the US can be the only manufacturer.

However, when we are talking about it, the first thing that pops our minds is Kentucky because it is one of the most prominent options.

You can easily find Kentucky Bourbon old fashioned, which will provide you with additional enjoyment. It comes from corn, oak trees, limestone-filtered water, and Kentucky’s soil, which are highly important for production.

Of course, other things include patients and dedication throughout a process.

Things to Know About Bourbon

It is challenging to determine an early history of this drink because first settlers created whiskeys by using barley and rye. We are talking about a moonshine for medicinal reasons.

However, when Kentucky manufacturers added corn and high-end barrels, that created a valuable and effective way to age it properly and transport it afterward.

In the 19th century, distilleries were highly prominent. For instance, one of the oldest ones still operating is Buffalo Trace Distillery, which entered the market two centuries ago.

Nowadays, manufacturing this beverage comes with strict regulations. Distilleries must use at least fifty-one percent of corn, which creates robust flavor, mouthfeel, and sweetness, among other things.

Of course, it is vital to add wheat or rye and barley, which they cook to create a mash for fermentation. That way, yeast can quickly convert its sugars into alcohol after a specific period.

At the same time, it must be distilled at less than a hundred and sixty proof, which means that if you use a higher amount, it will affect a corn flavor. The facts are that young Bourbon comes with a similar liquid as vodka, known as a white dog.

Then they use clear alcohol or white dog into a barrel that should feature hundred-twenty-five proof. We are not saying that distilleries can use any old barrels. Instead, to make a specific drink we are talking about here, they must use new oak barrels.

Of course, distilleries are charring the barrels, which opens the pores of an oak tree. That way, sugars can caramelize better, while the drink will absorb caramel vanilla taste, which is an important consideration to remembers.

The laws of physics state that wood will contract and expel the liquid during cold winter days, while in hot summer days, the wood will expand and soak in it. You should click here to learn more about bourbon.

Before the aging process, distilleries must char new oak barrels, which we have mentioned above. Then they must be patient to reach the best flavor and approach possible.

It is impossible to speed up the maturation and aging process, which is an essential fact. Similarly, like other alcoholic beverages, the process of aging lasts at least ten years or longer. The longer it stays inside, the more flavorful it will become.

After ten years in barrel, transparent drink or white dog will become amber-colored with perfect character and taste you want to get from this drink.

Besides, the aging process does not require you to add anything inside, meaning it comes without flavoring, additives, coloring, and other things used for some drinks.

Therefore, a flavor of Bourbon depends on barrel efficiency. According to experts and professionals, Bourbon is a thoughtful and complex approach to whiskey production, so it is essential to follow regulations to get the best purity possible.

You should know that some people drink it neat, which means straight from the bottle at room temperature without mixing it with other beverages and adding water or ice.

On the other hand, Mint Julep is a popular drink in Kentucky Derby, a combination of Bourbon, sugar, water, ice, and mint. Of course, people skilled in mixing alcoholic beverages are experimenting with different cocktails that use bourbons from the very start.

In Kentucky, you can find approximately seventy distilleries, which means that the business is significant from the very start.

By entering this state as a tourist, you can choose Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which will allow you to visit sixteen different distilleries in small towns, including Bardstown, Frankfort, and Versailles.

It does not matter if you choose a trail or go on a personal tour because you can learn about production, variations, different mixes, aging processes, the importance of weather for production, and other things that may interest you.

Enter this link: to learn how to drink bourbon with ease.

If you enjoy drinking this beverage, you may enjoy following the scent of a single barrel. We are talking about a type that comes from just one barrel, which is more expensive due to rarity.

However, you will be able to enjoy in perfect taste that will stand the test of time.

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