How You can Select the Ideal Event Planner for Your Unique Event

We know very well that planning an event can be a challenging task and, if you need help from an expert, an event planner can certainly be a brilliant partner. Whether you are having a big event with a hundred guests or a small, intimate event (which is the norm – and the regulation – these days), it pays to have someone on your side who can give you excellent ideas and the proper planning to make your event work. But having an event planner is one thing – choosing the right one is another. Before you make your list of prospective event planners, you first have to know your event objectives, your target market or guest list, the message you want to impart, and your end goals. Your budget will come into play, too. Once you have these, it’s time to select your event planner. Here, then, is how you can select the ideal event planner for your unique event.

  • Find out about their area/s of expertise

You first need to find out if your potential event planner would be the proper fit for the type or kind of event you are having and your organisation. When you go through your prospects, find out what kinds of events they usually work with; are they more familiar with business events or private parties, or both? Ask them if they have planned an event similar in scope and style to yours, and if they can provide you with references, this would be even better.

  • Ask about their services

It’s also essential that you know about their services because you need to figure out if they can deal with whatever you require. Do they help with finding venues, and can they organise the catering needs of your event? Do they handle AV services, accommodation, transportation, and staff; can they help you with this or recommend someone who can do it? Any proper event planner, like, will also have a list of vendors and venues and an established relationship with these, which means they can probably help you secure a deal that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own.

  • Determine their fees and inclusions

You also need to establish the fees of your chosen event planner right from the start, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises once the event is done. How do they charge for their services? Do they charge a percentage, flat fee, hourly rate, or cost per guest? Will they charge for extra staff, and is their travel cost included? There really is no ‘right’ fee; the decision you make can be based on what is most acceptable to you. But you also need to find out when they require payment and what payment methods they accept.

There are other considerations as well – one of which is who will be there during your event? The person arranging things day to day may be different from the person attending to your actual event, so find out about this, too. It’s best if you have a single person in charge with extra staff as required, as this limits confusion and allows you to establish rapport with your event planner.

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