Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme- What Benefits Does it Offer?

Malta has become the top choice of foreign investors who are looking for a European destination for immigration purposes and for attaining a second citizenship. The country’s political and economic stability and the fact that it is a member of the European Union has greatly contributed to its popularity. In fact, more and more people are opting for Malta when they wish to relocate to Europe. One of the most popular programs that can be used for this purpose is the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme, which is also referred to as the Malta Individual Investor Programme.

There are a number of benefits that this program has to offer and some of them are:

  • Quick procedure

This program takes just 4 months to be processed, which means that you can get Maltese citizenship and a Maltese passport extremely quickly, as opposed to other countries.

  • Schengen residence

One of the best things about applying for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme is that you receive Schengen residence status for a year while your application is in process.

  • Lifetime citizenship

When you obtain citizenship in Malta through this programme, you can rest assured that you will remain a citizen of this Mediterranean Island for your entire life. You don’t need to renew your citizenship, as long as you comply with the rules.

  • Visa-free traveling

Another major benefit of this program is that once you become a resident of the country, you will be able to travel to 168 countries without needing a visa. This includes the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Hence, once you have your Maltese passport in your hand, you will be able to travel to any of these destinations without applying for visa and this is undoubtedly a huge convenience that many people would want to enjoy.

Due to these benefits, lots of investors opt to use the program for becoming a citizen of Malta.

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