Why VoIP features are so important

Businesses of every size are recognising the many advantages that switching to VoIP technology brings compared with using traditional telecommunications systems. Not only can you enjoy cheaper calls, especially when phoning abroad, but also VoIP comes with a handy range of features that can make your communications more efficient.

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One of the most useful features of VoIP is the ability to call more than one number at once, enabling you to have multiple people on the line. This makes the technology ideal for conducting teleconferencing and saves time and costs if you communicate with those located far away.

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Voicemail to email
VoIP users really appreciate the fact that they can have their voicemails transcribed to emails, which can even be sent to other people. The advantage of this is that you have all the information you need written down from voice messages, reducing the risk of mishearing details. According to TechRepublic, this enables you to file, organise, delete and search all your voicemails in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

Call screening
This VoIP feature displays a caller’s ID, letting you decide how to handle every call. For unwanted sales calls, you can disconnect the number; for important calls from a client, you can choose to direct them to your mobile phone. Screening calls saves you time and ensures essential calls are given priority.

Auto attendant
If you like the idea of having a receptionist but do not have the finances or resources to employ one, this feature is really handy for VoIP users. It essentially lets callers view a menu and choose the extension they want. Not all wholesale AZ VoIP termination providers offer this feature, so check to see whether it is available with your package if it would be useful for you.

When considering What is VoIP termination, it is useful to know that it is much more than just a communications tool; for example, it can also be used for training or coaching purposes. An employer can use the barge feature to listen to a staff conversation with a client without interruption.

Alternatively, if an employer wants to give a staff member some tips or advice during their phone conversation, they can do this with the whisper function. This lets the staff member hear what they are saying but the client remains unaware.


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