Ways to Increase Your House Security

You care for the safety of your family. Your vacations are not relaxing because you keep worrying about what might be going on around your property. Is someone noticing your absence? Are the gateway and windows of your home securely locked? Has someone tried to get into your property in your absence?

You want to consider using high-tech devices and smart locks, such as ultion smart lock and canary security system that will make it easy for homeowners to keep their eyes on their home security through some modern ways. Below are some ways that help you ensure the flawless safety of your family and property.

Canary Security System

A Canary security system comes with a connected HD video and audio and an inbuilt siren. It looks like an everyday home gadget, such as a bulb and socket, and so it’s hard to stand out as a security system. With a Canary security system, you receive an alert on your mobile phone when it detects any activity or movement.

Ring Video Door Bell

This security device allows you to see and speak from your smartphone to whoever pushes your doorbell. It lets the visitors or the strangers the impression that you are home, and therefore scars away chances of a potential burglary. The device comes along a built-in motion detector that triggers mobile alerts and record videos that are accessible through your phone.

Smart Door Lock

Smart locks cater to increase your home security. They upgrade your traditional locks with high-tech ones like an ultion smart lock. These modern locks operate with Bluetooth enabled devices, including the iPhone. You can use your fingerprints to lock and unlock your doors. Moreover, you do not need to worry about getting locked yourself inside or outside of the door.

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