Six ideas for an industrial-inspired home office

The industrial look is gaining in popularity as more people lean to clean looks without clutter for their home office. The industrial style combines crisp functionality with a raw edge to create a fresh and inspiring space for any office. Read on for our 6 top tips for making the most of this look.

1. Neutral colours

The important thing about industrial styles is that the colour palette should be neutral. As this is a minimal style in its essence, the colour scheme works best with beige and grey tones or even black and white. As surfaces tend to be rough and raw, consider adding soft furnishings to bring some softness and balance the aesthetics.

2. Metal

Industrial styles use a lot of metal and exposed brick. Use the metal look in your chairs and tables, along with items such as exposed plumbing and lighting fixtures. Using iron in an ornamental way is a good method of bringing the industrial look into your office, even if it is just metal door knobs. Consider pipes and machine parts to add some hints of industrial style.

3. Concrete

Concrete is a useful and durable material that works well with the industrial look. This can work as a gloss or matte finish while concrete effect wallpaper is also an option, Combine this look with wood and elegant light fixtures to soften the look.

4. Storage

Storage elements look great in metal so think of filing cabinets, chests of drawers and wire racks to keep paperwork in order. Old storage boxes made from metal can be placed on shelves for a practical storage solution. You could easily find industrial shelving in Ireland from stockists such as or search for a shelving specialist in another city to help find your ideal storage solution.

5. Reclaimed wood

The industrial look can be hard and stark, so consider adding wood to soften the look. Reclaimed wood still has that rawness while giving a rustic charm. Reclaimed wood is also a great way to make your office space more environmentally friendly.

6. Accessories

If you don’t want to go the whole hog with the industrial look, consider using industrial accessories for a hint of this style. Artwork can be used on shelves and walls, such as industrial city scenes and even old street signs.


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