Dehydration in Kids: Cause and How to Cure

It is known that in the summer season there are chances of dehydration in kids but actually, it can happen in any season. Dehydration means that the child lacks enough fluid. When kids avoid taking the fluid inadequate amount then it results in dehydration and that can also result from vomiting or diarrhea.

People have a misconception that drinking water is enough for keeping you hydrated but the body needs every single nutrient and mineral that water can’t give you alone. You can have fluid in the form of lemonade, juices, coconut water and many more.

Sometimes it is seen that when kids suffer from flu then there are also chances of dehydration and it that case coconut water works as the barrier. Vomiting and diarrhea like conditions should be cured as soon as possible by proper treatment so that children don’t have the risk of dehydration. Canadian Pharmacy the authentic online pharmacy where you can have all kind of medicines at your doorstep.

Infants and small children are more likely to suffer from dehydration. The cause of dehydration should be cured first in kids. There can be various reasons that a child gets dehydrated.

  • Viral infections where kids suffer from vomiting and diarrhea and that ultimately results in dehydration.
  • Sometimes a sore throat or mouth can be painful to have fluid or any food that becomes the reason for dehydration.
  • Common bacterial infections like salmonella, Escherichia coli that are caused by eating infected food causes vomiting and diarrhea and this result in dehydration.
  • Parasitic infection is also responsible for the fluid loss.
  • Some kids can have diabetes mellitus that increases the urination and due to this kid get dehydration.
  • Increasing sweating by staying in a hot environment for a long time can lead to dehydration.

With all these causes what symptoms are to diagnose that your kid is suffering from dehydration. Children have sunken eyes, no tears when the child cries, sunken soft spots on the head, irritability and lethargy these are some of the symptoms that make you alert to have proper steps to cure dehydration.

But ignoring these can results in serious symptoms like dry mouth, dry diapers, high fever, abdominal pain and blood in the stool immediately call your doctor when you experience these symptoms in your children. There are tests that are done for the diagnosis of dehydration.

Medication along with the home remedies helps in the treatment of dehydration and the cause of it. Electrolytes, the water of sugar and salt at home can be the easiest way to deal with this dire situation. Reduce the amount per feeding if the child feeds breast. Water-based soups and ORS is given to the children.

For the body’s immune system to remain in perform good work, it is needed to hydrate it properly. Coconut water has all five electrolytes your body needs that for it. When children suffer from flue this is the first home remedy of moms to cure dehydration.

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