Choosing the Best Equipment for Your Entertainment Event

When planning an entertainment or music event, staging is a key element for a successful production. The staging must accommodate all the components of the event. It is more to staging than just the actual stage, important factors such as weather, indoor or outdoor event, venue, number of people attending must be considered.

The staging includes the entrances and exits for the artists, entertainers, and props. It is important to have a detailed plan that contains every aspect of the production, so you’ll know which staging best suits your event requirements. The staging must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the artists, backup members, and equipment. Musical productions produce a lot of movement and vibrations, so it’s important that staging be able to handle the weight and the activity. When preparing for the event, discuss staging requirements with the entertainers, production manager, venue hosts, and equipment rental company. The venue is critical to your event. If it is an outdoor event, consider if a roof will be needed, determine whether there are sufficient electrical outlets, and get the stage measurements. Sound testing will determine the best location for staging and the recommended size of the stage.

When choosing your staging equipment company have a list of what you need to produce the event, what the artists’ expectations are, and a budget. The following items should be included in your list.

  • Research the staging companies in the city of the event
    • Getting recommendations from other production companies in the area.
    • Have event sizing and weight accommodations available for the staging company.
    • Discuss the contract agreement; it should include liability insurance for any damages or injuries.
    • Discuss design options with the staging company.
    • Confirm that the company is equipped to handle different color, costume, entertainers, musicians, stagehands, lighting, and instrument changes required for the production.

Lighting, set design, liability insurance, and production location are key components to a successful production. The staging that you choose will have a huge impact on the success of your event. Determine if the rental company is equipped to handle a musical or entertainment production on the scale of your event. Discuss financing options, deposits, and refunds before signing the agreement. Ask about setup and teardown of the staging equipment before signing the agreement. If you need the staging rental equipment for more than one performance, discuss with the rental company any additional cost for the required rental period. Discuss storage facilities and transportation of the equipment to and from the venue location.

Discuss with the rental company the cost of using their personnel to transport and set up the equipment. If there are cost savings, you might hire extra help from a moving company or temporary labor company which can save money on the cost of your production. Creative staging is a strong element in a musical or entertainment production. Choosing the best staging company will save you time, money and reduce stress. Careful and efficient planning will produce a memorable event.

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