Bristol is the best!

If you’re visiting Bristol then why not take a trip to some of the city’s more unusual sights? We all know about the SS Great Britain and the zoo, both great attractions but Bristol has so much more to offer. Walk off the beaten track and you’ll find some real gems.

Bristol has a fascinating history so why not soak this up by taking a boat trip? Spices, slaves, tobacco, sugar and pirates – Bristol was built on these thanks to it’s docks. There are water bus services and guided tours available all year round.

Bristol business trade is huge and it’s constantly getting bigger every year from food to deliveries its well known for how successful it is.  Most companies driving in and out of Bristol will probably already have a Fleet Vehicle Tracking system in place which can be sourced from links such as

Check out Clifton Lido. Built in 1850, it reopened in 2008 and boasts spa facilities and a restaurant and café. This is one posh lido and is found in one of the swankiest neighbourhoods in Bristol.

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Graffiti is a big deal in Bristol and it’s rumoured that Banksy himself hails from the city. Love it or loathe it, Bristol is covered in it  but for some top quality street art, head to Dean Lane skatepark or beneath the M32 flyover where there are some huge works of art.

Bristol was bombed heavily during WWII but amazingly the 18th century Exchange building survived and is now the only remaining building of its kind in the country. Now it is home to independent traders and the Glass Arcade has a massive variety of food stalls offering food from all over the world.

Not for the faint-hearted, there are Haunted walking tours to soak up the paranormal atmosphere of this ancient city. At £5 for 90 minutes, this is a must and you’ll learn so much about the city from monks and highwaymen to haunted coaching inns and cinemas.

If a big open space and fresh air is more your thing then head to the Bristol Downs. There are stunning views of the Avon Gorge and of course the world famous Suspension Bridge too. With so much space you can really get away from it all and relax, kick a ball or even take a picnic.

For a cultural night out, there are plenty of theatres to choose from. Internationally acclaimed shows can be seen at the Hippodrome and Old Vic or for something a little different then there is the Redgrave and Tobacco Factory Theatres. Smaller venues can be found too at the very intimate Wardrobe and Little Black Box

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